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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number HPK/2015/0030 Application type Full Planning - Small-scale MAJOR apps
Site address Land Off, Albion Road, New Mills, High Peak, Proposal Proposal (Part outline part full) for a mixed use development including demolition of New Bodies Fitness Centre & development of food store (Class A1), overflow car parking to serve Newtown Railway Station & associated access, parking, servicing, facilities & landscaping, & Outline application for development of a light industrial unit (Class B1), with all matters reserved.
Applicant name

Kirkland Developments Limited
Agent name Ms Catherine Johns

Applicant address Woodford Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 1JN Agent address Quay West at Media City UK, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1HH
Application status Recommendation entered - Pending decision
Received date 16/01/2015 Valid date 16/01/2015
Fee due 0.00 Fee paid 10010.00
Determination required date 17/04/2015 Agreed extended date 24/12/2015
Case Officer Mark Lynch
Start of Public Consultation period 29/01/2015 End of Public Consultation period 10/07/2015
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee date 27/07/2015
Decision Outline Application - Approved Decision Date 16/12/2015
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date
Legal Obligation ref. HPK/2015/0030

Name Address
County Planning (Archaeology) Steve Baker- DC Archaeologist, Conservation And Design Group, Environmental Services DCC, Shand House, Dale Road South, Matlock Derbyshire`, DE4 3RY
Cllr Raymond Atkins New Mills West Ward,
County Flood Risk Management
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust East Mill, Bridgefoot, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1XH
Environment Agency HPBC Lower Trent Area, Trentside Offices,, Scarrington Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 5FA
Network Rail Town Planning Team, Square One, 4 Travis Street, Manchester, M1 2NY
Peak & Northern Footpaths Society 317 Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield, S2 1FJ
United Utilities Asset Protection Developer Services & Planning, Gateworth Industrial Estate, Off Liverpool Road, Sankey Bridges, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 1DS
Derbyshire County Council (Highways) Highways Section, County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG
Conservation Officer Municipal Buildings, Victoria Street, Glossop,
Environmental Health Town Hall, Buxton,
Planning Policy And Design Municipal Buildings, Glossop,
Parks Department Arboricultural Officer, Monica Gillespie, Council Offices, Chinley,
Parks Department Arboricultural Officer, Monica Gillespie, Council Offices, Chinley,
Cllr Lance Dowson New Mills West Ward,
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust East Mill, Bridgefoot, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1XH
Economic Development
Parks Department Arboricultural Officer, Monica Gillespie, Council Offices, Chinley,
County Planning (Rights Of Way) FAO: Rights of Way Officer, Environmental Services Department, Derbyshire County Council, Shand House, Dale Road South, Matlock, DE4 3RY

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
26/02/2015 Anderson Commen
02/02/2015 Anglesey Objection
02/02/2015 Bannister Objection
02/02/2015 Bartleet Objection
02/03/2015 Fildes Objection
23/01/2015 Application Form
30/04/2015 Asher Objection
11/02/2015 Dodd Objection
02/02/2015 Doran Objection
16/04/2015 Houlton Support
23/01/2015 Landscape Plan V12715 L01
16/04/2015 Lucus Support
02/02/2015 M Ryan Objection
16/04/2015 Makin Support
23/01/2015 Noise Assessment
23/01/2015 Planning & Retail Statement
16/04/2015 Storer Support
16/04/2015 Weston Support
29/04/2015 Statham Support
11/05/2015 A Rundall Objection
16/04/2015 Allen Support
23/01/2015 Archaeology & Heritage Scoping Assessment
02/02/2015 Astle Objection
11/03/2015 Bailey Support
02/02/2015 Bartleet Comment
19/06/2015 Bat Survey Report
03/02/2015 Allan Objection
03/02/2015 Ayres Objection
30/01/2015 Barker Objection
08/06/2015 Bastock Objection
03/02/2015 Booth Objection
07/07/2015 Boucher Comment
02/02/2015 Buckley Comment
16/04/2015 C Lucus Support
04/03/2015 Cartledge Support
28/05/2015 Beardwood Objection
20/04/2015 Bird Support
17/07/2015 Bozkurt Support
26/03/2015 Brisbane Objection
26/03/2015 Brisbane Objection
16/04/2015 Cartledge Support
29/04/2015 Cartledge Support
31/03/2015 Clarkson Objection
11/02/2015 D Lord Objection
02/02/2015 DCC Rights of Way Officer Comments
03/02/2015 DCC Rights of Way Officer Comments
11/03/2015 Clark Support
05/02/2015 Coram Support
26/02/2015 Cotterill Support
08/04/2015 Cousins Objection
09/02/2015 DC Archaeology Comments
11/03/2015 Davidson Support
08/04/2015 Davies Support
23/01/2015 Design, Access, Site Waste Management & Sustainability Report
16/04/2015 Dexter Support
16/04/2015 Eker Support
04/02/2015 Environment Agency Comments
20/04/2015 Darbyshire Support
09/07/2015 Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
30/03/2015 Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Comments
06/10/2015 Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Comments
23/01/2015 Extended Phase 1 Habitat Report
20/04/2015 Fisher Objection
23/01/2015 Flood Risk & Drainage Assessment Part 1
23/01/2015 Flood Risk & Drainage Assessment Part 2
23/01/2015 Flood Risk & Drainage Assessment Part 3
12/02/2015 Flood Risk Comments
23/02/2015 Environmental Health Comments.
26/02/2015 Finn Support
13/04/2015 Fisher Objection
26/03/2015 Frost Objection
20/04/2015 Gill Comment
19/06/2015 Habitats Addendum
08/04/2015 Harper Objection
03/02/2015 Hicks Support
30/03/2015 Honeybell Objection
16/04/2015 Hopkin Comment
28/04/2015 Hopkin Support
10/03/2015 Hancock Objection
24/02/2015 Highway Comments
26/06/2015 Highways Comments
02/02/2015 Hopwood Comment
20/04/2015 Howes Support
04/03/2015 Hudson Comment
16/04/2015 Hughes Support
16/02/2015 Hurst Objection
30/03/2015 Igo Objection
11/02/2015 J Marsden Support
11/02/2015 J Williams Objection
28/05/2015 Jackson Objection
02/02/2015 Jay Objection
08/04/2015 Jones Objection
28/05/2015 Jones Support
17/03/2015 Keena Support
14/04/2015 Landscape Plan V12715 L01B
31/03/2015 Lees Objection
02/02/2015 Liles Objection
23/01/2015 Location Plan 12715-050
20/02/2015 Lomas Objection
05/02/2015 Kendall Comment
02/02/2015 Longman Objection
02/02/2015 Lorna Objection
02/03/2015 Mark Support
13/04/2015 Marshall Objection
26/02/2015 Milner Comment
13/04/2015 Nasralla Objection
13/02/2015 Network Rail Comments (2).
12/02/2015 Network Rail Comments.
16/04/2015 Nunes Support
04/03/2015 Osbaldiston Support
04/03/2015 Potts Objection
05/02/2015 Poulter Objection
23/01/2015 Preliminary Risk Assessment Contaminated Land Part-1
23/01/2015 Preliminary Risk Assessment Contaminated Land Part-3
23/01/2015 Preliminary Risk Assessment Contaminated Land Part-4
23/01/2015 Preliminary Risk Assessment Contaminated LandPart-2
23/01/2015 Preliminary Risk Assessment Contaminated LandPart-5
23/01/2015 Proposed Elevations 12715
10/06/2015 Lomas Objection
27/03/2015 Lomax Support
31/03/2015 Martin Objection
23/01/2015 Proposed Elevations 12715-111
23/01/2015 Proposed Foordstore Development 12715 CGI03A
23/01/2015 Proposed GA Layout 12715-113
23/01/2015 Proposed Landscaping Plan 12715 V001
23/01/2015 Proposed Roof Plan 12715-114
23/01/2015 Proposed Sections 12715-112
23/01/2015 Proposed Site Layout 12715-110
14/04/2015 Proposed Site Layout 12715-110A
23/01/2015 Proposed Site Plan 12715-V102
30/03/2015 Ratcliffe Comment
26/02/2015 Ravenscroft Objection
19/06/2015 Reptile Survey
16/04/2015 Robb Support
11/05/2015 S Haines Objection
13/04/2015 Sanders Objection
16/04/2015 Scott Support
16/07/2015 Scott Support
10/03/2015 Rhodes Objection
04/02/2015 Rigby Support
28/05/2015 Sellers Support
29/04/2015 Sheridan Support
30/04/2015 Simmonds Objection
08/06/2015 Stanton Objection
27/03/2015 Stewart Support
14/04/2015 Supplementary Information Letter & Appendices
02/02/2015 T Ryan Objection
11/03/2015 Tague Support
03/02/2015 Thornley Support
03/02/2015 Thornley Support
17/02/2015 Sutton Objection
23/01/2015 Transportation Assessment Part-1
23/01/2015 Transportation Assessment Part-2
13/02/2015 Tree Survey FINAL
13/02/2015 Tree Survey Overlay Layout Drg.12715-115
03/02/2015 United Utilties Comments
31/03/2015 Virgin Objection
30/03/2015 Wall Objection
29/07/2015 Wall Objection
19/03/2015 Underwood Objection
15/12/2015 Unsigned decision notice
03/02/2015 Walsh Support
20/03/2015 Walters Objection
10/03/2015 Warden Comment
26/02/2015 Whewell Objection
26/02/2015 Whittaker Comment
02/02/2015 Whittaker Support
02/03/2015 Wilde Objection
16/03/2015 Wood Support
19/03/2015 Wright K Objection
29/04/2015 Wright Objection
26/02/2015 Whitehead Support
17/02/2015 Wilde Objection